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About the Playground


Our story

I'm CASI (Canadian association of snowboard instructors) certified instructor, qualified to teach beginner to advanced riders on all mountain terrain, including the park. I have 10 years experience of guiding riders to develop their on- and off- the board skills in British Columbia, where I had the pleasure to train with true masters and legends of Canadian snowboarding world.


For me, snowboarding is a way to feel more alive - it's play, in the most beautiful playgrounds on the top of the world. When I picked up the board for the first time, I didn't have an opportunity to take lessons, so the only way to learn was trial and error, and a lot of bruises. And muscle tweaks, and ibuprofen. However, the pull was strong, so I kept improving, until - few instructor qualifications and hundreds of taught lessons later - I can surely say that the better I got, the more fun I had. I believe every rider deserves to have the access to informative, affordable and outstanding quality lessons, no matter where they ride.

Born out of love for snowboarding and all the joy surrounding the sport, Playground Snow envisions global, supportive and empowered community of snow chasers, embracing evolution of the sport and climate advocacy. 10 percent of every lesson bought will go to "Protect our winters".

This schools' goal is to empower you to take control of your snowboarding experience and feel the sense of mastery by building your competency - wether you ride the finest champagne powder in the biggest resorts, or the hill behind your house. Our custom-built online lessons include your riding video analysis with detailed plan to improve the most challenging element of your riding, together with exercises and tactics, extensive explanations and the tools to enable you to self-correct in the future. The volume of one lesson's content is equivalent to a private 3 hour on-snow lesson.

Wether your goal is to take a first step on your snowboarding journey, feel more comfortable on the steep terrain, improve your freestyle moves or conquer tree runs - we've got you. Our team will always consist of committed and experienced instructors, certified to teach at the highest level by the world's leading snowboard associations.


So what are you waiting for - grab a friend (and your snowboards), show us your turns and enjoy levelling-up your snowboard experience. And if you don't ride just yet - let us show you the most efficient way, taking you all the way to the top, above the clouds. 

Will see you on the playground,

Eglė Berkmonaitė 

Founder and lead instructor

Your playground awaits

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